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PhotoEye Blog Interview

I was recently interviewed about the Seeking Perfection project for the PhotoEye blog. Here’s a link to the interview. It’s always a struggle to put into words the thought processes behind my work, but always a rewarding experience. This is because I find that I learn something different about my work and about my approach to making pictures when I either talk about it or write it down, than when I simply think about it. I really enjoy that sense of discovery as it helps to move me forward, even when I have long since completed a project.

“Landscapes of the Mind” Exhibition Review

The December 2012 issue of AEQAI is out, and contains a review of the three-person exhibition “Landscapes of the Mind: Metaphor, Archetype and Symbol: 1971-2012” that I am part of at the YWCA Women’s Gallery in Cincinnati. Here’s a link to the review and here’s one of the photos mentioned in it:

Exhibition Review- Cincinnati Enquirer

Nice to see that the media in town is still interested in photography after FotoFocus ended. Click here to read a review of the “Landscapes of the Mind” show that appeared in last Sunday’s Cincinnati Enquirer. My work is mentioned towards the end.

Since the writer referred to “Red Inner Bag #1, Fall, Aomori Prefecture” but didn’t print it, here it is: